Welcome to Square Peg!

Yorkshire’s positive online and real world networking platform

Square Peg is a not-for-profit initiative and as such we exist to support local businesses across Yorkshire. We are the chance to connect, collaborate and network in a positive environment where EVERYONE fits in. At Square Peg, the round holes fit in with us!

Our platform offers a new way of collaborating, networking and meeting other local businesses and individuals across Yorkshire. Tap into the combined knowledge of the entire community, develop yourself through the support of local industry leaders, attend real world networking events and more.

Why join the Square Peg Network?

Utilise a powerful set of online and real world networking tools

By joining Square Peg you will benefit from being able to reach out to other members in seconds, send personal messages, create your own groups (public, private or limited access), sell your products and services, support others and receive support yourself.

“Social networking” tools such as a profile, friends, messaging and more

Access e-learning courses and provide your own

Attend positive and informative real world networking events

Start a discussion and access support through online forums and groups


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Square Peg is an initiative launched by the Positive Psychology Network which operates under charter as a not-for-profit organisation limited by guarantee.