A Sneak Peak Of Our Next Event

The SquarePeg business networking and collaboration event is nearly here!

If you have booked you are in for a treat, and if you haven’t then there is still time…

We have put together an impressive panel of experts who will be answering your burning sales questions and challenges on the night.

This is a huge opportunity to receive thousands of pounds worth of wisdom and consultancy from those who have been there done that and gotten the T-shirt!

Speaker Line Up:

THE keynote speaker of keynote speakers: Billal Jamil

Billal Jamil is the go to business speaker on exceptional communication.

His depth of experience as a Professional Speaker, Events host, Master Trainer, Executive Facilitator, corporate leader and critically one of very few CEO Communication Coaches has resulted in speaking experience across many high-profile organisations from the UK Parliament to the Financial Times, University of London to the BBC TV studios.

He is an International Leadership Communication and Performance Speaker who inspires and entertains audiences with his acclaimed key notes. Over 7000 business leaders in over 45 countries have achieved transformational change through his thought-provoking, entertaining talks laced with real-life stories, humour, cutting edge lessons and interaction.

Billal is also an author, business consultant and CEO at the UK’s leading communication consultancy The Public Speaking Academy Ltd. He has a remarkably wide range of leadership experience …from small start-ups to multinationals … and from public service to people-based service businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Billal spent seven years as a leader within Whitehall providing support and advice to Senior UK Government officials and Ministers. He has an MBA from Tanaka Business School and was the CEO of a not -for profit organisation responsible for winning the Gold Award from the RFO & The Princes Trust.

The Panel of Experts

Gavin Scott
An inspirational and entertaining Professional Speaker, facilitator and trainer using business success, sports experience and a genuine ability to win people over to deliver key messages. Over 15 years experience working in fast paced market leading organisations. Experienced at delivering high energy, highly engaging conferences to audiences up to 300 delegates, covering subjects including Customer Service, Sales and Leadership Development.

Specialties: Facilitator, Presenter, Professional Speaker, Customer Service, Sales, and customer experience expert.

Sharon Bartlett
Sharon is an experienced sales consultant with a passion for sharing her wisdom.

Whether you are a specialist business owner with an amazing skill or product but finding it hard to reach your target market, or you know you have a project you would like to implement and you just don’t have the resources to focus and make sure it delivers what you need, or perhaps you just feel stuck in a rut and would benefit from some business coaching, I am here to help. With over 20 years’ experience in strategic sales, developing client relationships, learning and development, and project management my expertise can make a real difference in helping you move your business to the next level.

David Crabtree
I have worked in manufacturing and engineering for 30 years, and for many of those as a CEO / Managing Director / Sales Director. I understand the challenges and pain points of running an SME and have empathy with those who feel they have need of an external resource to provide solutions to issues they are otherwise unable to find.

I help business owners and stakeholders in the carpet, textile and manufacturing industries who require solutions to their problems where my personal skills and experience in the industry can provide value.

I pride myself on my methodical and professional approach to business. I have the ability to understand both sides of an argument, and the patience to listen and understand when assessing an issue.

The world of B2B sales has changed dramatically in recent years. Companies must ensure that their sales teams can operate effectively or significantly lose out to their competition. So I am particularly excited about working with Ventas Sales, where I can apply my skills and experience in manufacturing industry, to that of developing sales teams.

At Ventas, we do this by applying objective and scientific analytical tools to the process of assessment and evaluation of sales people, and delivering effective, meaningful and sustainable training programmes.

SME General Management | Manufacturing | International Sales | Sales Development | Commercial Management | Project Management | Negotiation | Business and Strategic Planning

Professionalism | Commitment and Motivation to Deliver | Integrity | Objectivity | Gravitas

Rob Taylor
An adaptable and highly motivated individual with a strong background in marketing and business development that has enabled the growth and success of large event and hospitality venues; bringing the flexibility to operate at both tactical and strategic levels and the vision to design and implement change that transforms businesses.

My mission is to help and empower business owners to add value to their offering through effective, efficient and successful marketing. I aim to make SMEs authorities in their field through developing an education, mindset and will to succeed while creating more leads and sales for the business owner. Marketing is business and I am here to grow your marketing effort. The opportunities to market any business in the 21st Century are abundant and affordable for business at all levels and I am on a mission to show the business community just that.

Andrew Miller
Andrew is an accomplished speaker, author, people and business expert.  His purpose is to bring joy back into business and create a movement where everyone is talking about enjoyment as the key measure of success rather than just sales and profits.

His Business Enjoyment Communities meet on a regular basis to explore how to get a successful business and enjoy life at the same time.  Everyone is welcome.

Andrew believes that life and business are there to be enjoyed. However, the habits and norms of society have created traps that we all hold within our own minds. They serve as chains that restrain us to a life full of struggle and without fulfilment.

Andrew’s mission is to help everyone break those chains, unlock the traps and lead people to freedom and a life of enjoyment.

Having paid service to the standard route of education and career, Andrew found himself successful and respected, but in a job that he hated. He realised that, throughout his life, he’d always followed the path that society had expected him to follow; had done things that other people wanted him to do; and generally shaped his world in a way such that he came last in the order of priorities.

Speaking to millionaires with anxiety and depression and people who had lost everything but found an inner peace, he knew that there was more to life than the conventional definition of success. Instead, it is there to be enjoyed, and that is the journey he looks to take his clients on.

Andrew is a qualified coach, business expert and a practitioner of revolutionary new therapies that tackle deep seated beliefs and emotional attachments.

Event Details
Venue: Flourish Enterprises, DN4 8PQ
Date: Wednesday 28th March
Time: 18:30

Want to attend one of the most exciting and positive business networking events in Yorkshire?
Get your ticket here: https://squarepeg-psychologyofselling.eventbrite.com

See you there!

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