About Square Peg

Square Peg is a collaboration platform. Collaboration is the concept of working together to grow and succeed.

Networking, sharing knowledge, supporting each other, joining forces and being passionate and positive about business is what we exist for.

The Square Peg initiative has been launched as a project under the Positive Psychology Network (PPN). PPN is a not for profit organisation with the purpose of supporting positivity and positive changes in the world.

Square Peg history

The name square peg is a phrase and feeling that many of us relate to. It acknowledges that we all need to discover and be our own “shape”. When we find our niche, or the hole that fits us perfectly – we fit In, and we flourish.

It doesn’t matter whether you are round, square, triangular, octagonal, tetrahedral, or a squashed parallelogram.

That’s the essence of authenticity – we are at our best when we are ourselves and within our tribe… At square peg, all shapes fit in…

In the interests of geometric equality and diversity, we apologise if we have left any shapes out of the list above!

Square Peg values

At Square Peg we are guided by strict morals and values. We expect our members to abide by these qualities when using our platform.

Upholding professional values, virtues and standards at all times:

  • Fairness
  • Transparency
  • Probity

Positive societal impact:

  • Being committed to corporate social responsibility
  • Being passionate about helping others within your community
  • Being supportive of other businesses within your community

Supporting your colleagues:

  • Being committed to supporting your colleagues and peers
  • Creating a culture where everyone can flourish
  • Being committed to equality and diversity in action

A culture of continuous professional development:

Leading the way as an expert and thought leader within industry by investing in personal development and expertise, and that of the team.


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The Square Peg Online Platform is actively managed by Liam Pedley Design

Square Peg is an initiative launched by the Positive Psychology Network which operates under charter as a not-for-profit organisation limited by guarantee.