Fake Nooz, Alternative Facts and Googling your own name…the pursuit of authenticity

I saw a tweet from the President of the United States the other day bemoaning the ‘fact’ that he Googled his own name to see what came up, claiming that Google, one of the biggest businesses in the world, never mind one of the greatest playing field levellers there has ever been, has actively manipulated the algorithm to only show news that speaks badly of the President. 

What kind of world are we living in when this is the state of play? Thing is, this is only one in a flurry of scandal, misinformation and downright chaos that has spawned since the newly elected President took to the campaign trail and the UK campaigned for Brexit. 

We live in a world where “alternative facts” are acceptible. And sensasionalist “Fake Nooz” is deemed the enemy. When I was young, if I told “alternative facts” I was given a clip and told to stop telling lies! It’s what got engrained in me as a youngster, as I am sure it did many of you, too. When we see those in the corridors of power purposely trying to confuse, manipulate and intefere with the status quo by using social platforms, millions of dollars and pounds in ad spend and fill our news feeds and alerts with their own agenda, what are we supposed to believe? 

How are we supposed to remain authentic? 

What does it mean to be authentic in a modern world? For me, there are two types of authenticity that we need to consider; personal authenticity and business authenticity. But often when the business is owned and operated by the person, the two cross over in more ways than one. They cross over in our social communciations, our business ethcis and morals. Our business life is our personal life and our personal life is our business life. Can you keep the two seperate as a small business? Should you aim to keep them seperate of should the aim to be a joined up thinker, happy to share business and personal morals, thoughts and opinions across all platforms, regardless of personal and / or business outlet?  I think I know where I sit on the matter, and notwithstanding your own opinion, the world is heading for one transparent, it not hindered by fake nooz, world. 

All we can do is be true to ourselves and our business. The true facts will emerge, and even if they don’t, at least you can always say you did the right thing for you – and that’s always the right thing to do…isn’t it? 

I’ll be talking more about what authenticity means to me, my family and my business and the opportunities I see for you as business owners to leverage the platforms that are available to us all at the Square Peg Networking Event in Sheffield on September 6th. I’d be delighted to see you there! 

For more on my marketing blog, please visit… https://robtaylorofficial.com/marketing/ . You can see more about the evnet on the 6th September here: https://www.squarepeg.online/events/  

In the meantime, I’m off to Google my own name! 



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