Martial Arts vs Self Defence 

I am often asked the question: “which is the best martial art for self defence”?

My answer to this is “Avoidajitsu” the deadly art of avoiding damage above everything else. Yes that’s a completely made up name, but the concept of Avoidance first is effectively strategic response to a threat. An example would be someone attacking you with a knife. What would you do? Many people would think of going for the knife. What is the realistic chance of disarming someone stronger, faster and more aggressive than you would ever want to be? Add fear to that and you have a recipe for disaster… The ideal response would be create distance, put a barrier in front of you. If this fails limit the damage by covering vital organs. Make no mistake – real. Violence is horrific. Watch the video below to see some of my thoughts as i spoke and appeared in a Ukranian documentary about knives called “playing with the blade”…

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