My morning following talking about Stress

I really enjoyed the topic about Stress last night and wanted to share with you how it has helped me already.

I set my alarm for 6am this morning, had a cuppa with my fella, got up to start work and stopped to acknowledge that I felt absolutely crap – shattered, overwhelmed, too much to do, mind racing already……..

I made a decision, changed my mind from what I had planned to do and got back in bed at 7am, re-setting my alarm for 8.30am.  Head still racing, so I just focussed on my breath and wasn’t long before I drifted off again. I woke at 8.30 and snoozed alarm three times until 9, really enjoying the snooze, pondering my day, being grateful for what I have, deciding to not put so much f***ing pressure on myself and to really look at my diary to create some space.

I got up, had spinach and eggs for breakfast, came up to my office and did some prayers, looking at what I’m not doing well and what I am. I always look to better myself and try and focus on the opposite of what I’m not doing well. E.g. Don’t say “I need to not do so much”, say “I want to plan more gaps into my schedule” and do that.

I have canceled a few things and responded to people to schedule things in for in a few weeks.

I have also looked again at regular work I do “going deeper”. Just to remind myself of what my patterns are with behaviours from those beliefs I have held for so long which are deep-rooted. I forget these, that’s another trick my mind likes to play, so I have to remind myself.

Now I am about to get in the shower and then head off to tell my story

I feel sooo much better and would really like to thank everyone who attended and contributed last night. You don’t know how much you have helped me. 

If you want to find out a bit more about my journey, please come along next Monday to An evening with Jo and Elaine –

Love xxx

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  1. Andrew Miller

    Well done Jo.

    Great example of modelling how to deal with a bad day. Taking control of what you can take control of.

    Would love to be with you next Monday – but it’s the launch of the Wetherby Breathing space !!

    I’ll see you tonight though on the webinar.