Not an unusual word to hear in a day is it? And why would it be. Everyone will experience stress in their lives. Granted what triggers it, how it manifests and how you deal with it will be very individual. How could it not be?! But we will all experience it. From being late for a meeting to a life changing event and everything in between.

But is stress always a bad thing? Chances are when you think about stress you think of it in a negative way. Yet stress can be good for us! Smaller more manageable bouts of stress can propel us to the next level, make us step up to the mark and do what we need too. But that’s a different kind of stress to what we experience when we’re stuck in traffic and are then late for a meeting. Or we keep arguing with that one person who the mere sight of makes us feel stressed!

So if it’s natural to experience it and can actually be of benefit why don’t we start to understand our own stress better and make it work in our favour and not to our detriment?

Looking forward to carrying on the discussion at the next SquarePeg in Donacster on the 10th October. See you all there!

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