Tis the season to be jolly…and reflective.

+It’s that time of year again. Only it seems to have been that time of year for the pat 90 days! Christmas may come but once a year but as I get older it seems that ‘that time’ is becoming absorbed more and more in to Autumn, don’t you think? 

I can’t remember many times when Christmas cards would be on sale alongside Halloween costumes, leading at times to me getting confused and wondering whether I should dress my kids in santa costumes and just add a bit of devil’s blood for a spooky trick or treat effect. 

I used to use the festive season as a time to take a step back and assess the year; good, bad, ugly or indifferent. But if I were to do that when the festive season starts on the retail calendar I’d be assessing my business in September – – not the most productive use of the remaining 5 months of the business year! 

Instead, I like to look at the start of December as a time to take that step back. Not from the ‘doing’ of the job but perhaps a step back from the new business side of the job. A step back from ‘filling the funnel’ and replace this with a time of having meetings based on mutual interest and a coffee, a beer or mulled wine perhaps. 

The 0114 Marketing brand has had a busy year, and casa Taylor has also been busy welcoming our third baby to the home  in September. A hectic few month indeed! From a business perspective the brand has gone from strength to strength and found further justification in its mission by picking up our first award at the Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber Awards. This was on the back of the continuing rise in popularity of the Power Hour Network in Sheffield, a monthly marketing workshop and networking session designed to empower and motivate the smaller business owners to own their own marketing function. We’ve helped nearly 300 business owners this year and when I take my foot off the gas a little and take time to reflect on this, it’s only then that I realise and be grateful for how far the brand has come in the past 12 months. 

It is with the stepping off the gas that I am able to better focus the business plan and energies for what will be an exciting 2019. The membership platform is super close to launch. The site will take all that I know, continue to learn and apply in my businesses across the years and chunk it down in to real life, manageable and ‘how to’ format that every business owner can absorbe themselves. No longer will the small business be priced out the market or left to wonder ‘what if’. The innovative approach to marketing education for the start ups, small business and entrepreneurs will make marketing accessible for all and I can’t wait to get it out the gate. It will be coupled with the continued prominence of Power Hour when we introduce sector experts from PR, Networking, Content Creation, Social Media, Business Systems and more. The Facebook community also grows and will form a key part of the strategic growth for 0114 Marketing in 2019. 

What does your 2018 look like so far? How has it positioned you to achieve more or more of what you want in 2019? 

How do you take your foot off the gas? It took me a long time to see the benefit of doing so, but I think as the Taylor family expanded once more this year, it shook me in to taking stock of what we have, what we want, and how sometimes, just charging full steam ahead for no purpose other than ‘been busy’ is not always the most beneficial use of time. 

I’d love to share some time with you at the final Square Peg event of the year on the 6th December, and also at the final 0114 Marketing event of the year when we team up with the Federation Of Small Business and Launchpad to bring you the Big Small Business Office Party at Cubana. 

For more about marketing for small business please do check out the blog

Chat soon guys! 


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