When you set up in business – what did you really really want?

When I first set up in business is was predominantly to ‘be my own boss’, to have an element, or a lot of, control over my own destiny, my own decisions and to be able to help the people and industry’s I love in a way that suits me. 

I didn’t set out with any clarity on paying bills, looking at lead generation or factoring in that people may say ‘no’ to working with me and therefore my conversion rates needed to be monitored (all bread and butter things but when you are in the frame it’s sometimes difficult to see outside!)

Thankfully, as I got a month, then three month, and then 6 months down the line I began to understand what I needed to do to reach my capacity. But this is only one thing. Reaching capacity is one thing – becoming profitable to a point you are delighted is another! It’s a commong theme for businesses to be busy, almost like becoming busy is the ultimate goal of running your own business. 

Would you prefer busy, or profitable? Is both possible? I have worked with businesses who have pursued growth and becoming more busy because that’s what every business should do…but is it? 

Growth is in the eye of the business holder and I for one am in a place of assessing my growth plans. Do I want staff? Will I need facilities? How do I fund growth and generate enough leads and prospects to satisfy the growing needs of my expanding cost base. Is it possible to not expand the cost base but become more profitable and therefore adjust my ‘growth’ plans accordingly? 

These are all musings I ponder often and I for one cannot wait to visit this topic at the next Square Peg event. I’ll be there to learn, to contribute to the conversation and the meet new people too. 

Will you join me? 

There is more to read about the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/220539831914788/

I’d love to know what growth means to you? Please contribute to the conversation – I feel growth genuinely lies in the vision of the owner…but am I right? 

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  1. Holly Crosby

    Great post Rob – I think this topic will give us all a lot to think about. I absolutely agree we will all have our own version of what this is – for me it is important to work to my own ambitions and within my own values and to decide what my success is. If it’s someone else’s version then I’m not being true to myself.
    Looking forward to next week and carrying on the discussion!